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Welcome to Gray's Nutrition.  I am  Ruth Harvey a registered dietitian specialising in IBS, Maternal Health and Intuitive Eating.  If you suffer from gastrointestinal issues such as IBS, stomas, and reflux, then please get in touch today to find out how I can help.  I have been a dietitian for over 10 years and believe that nutritional advice should be individualised and based on scientific evidence.  I can offer you clarity in a world in which we are inundated with nutrition information, much of which is misinterpreted and not personalised.  I am trained in helping people use a low FODMAP diet to identify food intolerances by King's College London. 

Gray's Nutrition can offer a range of services to meet your needs, either through face-to-face contact or online communications or for the latest blog post click here.​​

Media: If you would like an nutrition article, help interpreting the latest scientific evidence or representation please contact Ruth to discuss your needs. 

Pod&Pea Nutrition - Maternity and Infancy services

Gray's sister company Pod&Pea Nutrition specialises in providing nutritional advice for Mums and Mums-to-be, including weaning workshops.  For more information visit Pod&Pea Nutrition.
What is a dietitian and how can I help?
Dietitians are the only nutritional professional registered with the HCPC (like your GP is!).

Dietitians attend university to gain a degree specifically in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Our training involves understanding human physiology and biochemistry and an education in diseases and the medical treatment of these. We are the only nutritional professional trained to treat clients in a medical setting.

I will discuss your concerns with you and ask detailed information regarding your medical history, medications, lifestyle, mental health and current diet so that I can make recommendations specifically suited to your needs and food preferences.  
There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to what we eat and therefore a dietitian can help you explore your needs and focus on a long-term nutrition solution. 

Learn more about how a dietitian differs from other nutrition professionals here.
Individual consultations, group education, corporate wellbeing and recipe analysis